Woven clothing labels with your logo

Material of the woven labels with logo:
Soft surface and high wearing comfort. No scratchiness! 100% Polyester – shape-retaining and colorfast. Elastic and soft sealed edges without fraying.

Care Instructions:
Sew-In labels: washable up to 90° C (194°F), Iron-On Labels: washable up to 30°C (86°F)

Your Logo - Your Design:
Full Custom Design - for more individuality and creative scope.

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Textiletiketten mit Logo gewebt, Webetiketten mit Logo
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Woven clothing labels, folded labels with your design - configure now and preview your... more
Product information - Woven clothing labels with your logo

Woven Labels with Your Logo

Woven clothing labels, folded labels with your design - configure now and preview your design immediately!

Woven textile labels with logo, woven labels with folding or fabric labels individually design and give garments your personal touch. coolclothinglabel.com offers you both. You can choose between woven labels for sewing or ironing. Woven labels with your own logo are a great way to enhance your clothes.

ü Textile labels in professional quality

ü Thousands of satisfied customers

mouth mask

In our blog you will find great sewing instructions with suggestions for your textile label. One of our last instructions is for a mouth mask that can be a help toyou especially in these times.

More instructions can be found in our summary, which you can access via our homepage.

Or just have a look at our showroom. There you will find great examples of textile labels designed by our customers.

The dimensions of textile labels are freely selectable.

Soft surface and high wearing comfort.
No scratchiness. 100% Polyester – extra easy-care labels, shape-retaining and colorfast.
clothing label logo oeko tex

Care Instructions:
Sew-In Labels: washable up to 90°C (194°F)
Iron-On Labels: washable up to 30°C (86°F)

Your Creativity – Your Label:
Full Custom Design - for more individuality and creative scope.




Woven textile labels with logo - unique for your handicrafts

Woven-textile-labels-with-logo-kTextile labelsHave you ever thought about woven textile labels with your own logo?
Whether knitting, crocheting or sewing - handicrafts are back in fashion. You can rightly be proud of it when you have created something creative of your own. You will be delighted to present your own knitted sweater, crocheted bag or self-stitched cuddly toy with its own textile label as a gift to your grandchild.
After completing your handmade projects, you should not forget to label your products with your own textile labels, woven labels and at the same time enhance them. Mark all your handicrafts with your own handwriting in the form of your personal woven label. In addition, by affixing your own logo, you can add a unique, beautiful eye-catcher to your homemade products and enhance your handicrafts once again.
We of coolclothinglabel.com offer you best quality as well as a large selection of variations for your own, woven textile labels with logo, which you can easily order online.

Design options for textile labels or patches

Many possibilities are available to you for your very personal textile-labels with logo. We can create your individual woven labels for textiles, patches, labels with your own logo according to your template starting from 300 pieces. The dimensions are freely selectable, so that you can decide for yourself how your woven textile labels should look. Round, angular or freely selectable shapes are possible. Not only angular and round shapes are feasible, but we are also happy to create very individual shapes for you according to your template. Simply write a note for us in the field "Notes and wishes", which special shape your patches should have. You will receive the preview with your textile label for approval.
Up to 8 colors can be woven in one label, whereby the band color counts as one color. Due to a special hot cutting process there is no fraying of the fabric edges, so that you will always have your pleasure with our products. The fabric labels are washable up to 90 C°. Best quality with high wearing comfort is our goal!

Configuring woven textile labels with centrefold or end fold

With our configurator for textile labels with your own logo, you can easily and quickly realize your ideas of your own desired label. Go step by step through our program. You decide yourself whether you want your labels with your own logo, with or without folding. Textile labels with centrefold, end fold, diagonal fold or Manhattan fold are possible. You can also order woven labels for Texitl with a slit, which can be attached to a button or used as a zipper.
You also determine the size, shape and colors of your textile labels yourself. Labels to iron on or sew on - you have the choice.
After sending your personal logo in the following image formats (.png/ . jpg./ .bmp) and image resolution (300 dpi, maximum file size 5 MB) we will process your order.
If you are uncertain about the creation of the textile labels with logo, we will be happy to advise you personally and support you in the design of your template file for your woven labels. We are happy to accept your comments and requests - after all, it is very important to us that you are 100% satisfied with your order.

Tips: Design fabric labels with your own logo
We would like to give you a few tips for designing fabric labels with your own logo as optimally as possible:
- If you don't have a logo yet, consider the number of colors when designing your label. The more colors your logo has, the more expensive the woven textile labels will be. The band color already counts as one color. In total, a fabric label with a logo can be woven in up to 8 colors. Tell us the desired color according to Pantone C and RAL as color reference.
- Choose a resolution of 300 dpi for your logo.
- Smaller fabric labels are cheaper than the larger labels.
- Very small fabric labels usually have space for only one logo or symbol.
- For the light band colors we recommend the Double White procedure so that the colors are more intense and bright.
Please use our online configurator for your request for fabric labels with logo, so that we receive all the information you need for production. We will be happy to advise you by telephone: 06294-439203.

Woven labels with proposed design

If you don't yet have your own logo, but still don't want to do without woven labels with your own name, we can also offer you a simple variant for creating woven labels.
Use the configurator "Design woven labels yourself". You will find many design variants for which you do not need any designer knowledge.
Proceed point-by-point and select the desired band and text color, a font, a symbol and a frame and enter your desired text (up to three lines). You can see your configuration in the preview. These woven labels for textiles can be ordered from 50 pieces.
If the edition is still too large for you, test our leather labels, which we offer from 1 piece.

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This Label Is For My Brand

Dec 31, 2019

This label is for my handbag line Kali blu is my daughters name .

Nov 21, 2019


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