Free tutorial: sew a baby-crackle-cloth

Babies like to be kept busy. With this beautiful crackle-cloth the little ones can go on a journey of discovery. Through the sewn-in oven bag it “crackles” beautifully and the many small details such as labels, satin ribbons, cords and fabric strips encourage touching and feeling. Even sewing beginners can sew this crackle-cloth with our free tutorial. Continue Reading →

Free tutorial: Upcycling – make a flower pot from tin cans

Upcycling a tin can into a beautiful flower pot is simple and can be done in a jiffy. With a little paint, an old can became a beautiful flower pot. Planted and provided with a ribbon and cork pendant you have a nice spring greeting for the windowsill. If you also want to make this flower arrangement then we show you in our free tutorial how it works. Continue Reading →

Free tutorial: sew a grabbing toy

This cute grabbing toy is sewn quickly and thus also for sewing beginners a simple, beautiful needlework. The little ones will love him.  Since he is good to grab on the wooden ring, he can be explored perfectly with the little baby hands and also with the mouth. A great toy, especially when teething. By the way, the grabbing toy is also a nice gift for birth, baptism or baby shower.

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Free tutorial: sew bone pillow

A bone pillow, also called a reading bone, is an ingenious invention and so A practical that you absolutely must sew such a part. It is versatile, whether as a neck support while reading but also as a book stand, tablet or reader support indispensable. Small tip from us: On long car trips, the bone pillow is a brilliant headrest for the passenger who wants to take a nap. It is quickly cut and sewn. Then it is still stuffed tightly with filling material and is immediately ready for use. Maybe even now think of Christmas, because here again you quickly have a great, practical gift.

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Free instruction: sewing a mouth mask

For beginners our sewing instructions for this mouthguard / face mask or even makeshift mask are very suitable. It is not 100% protection against bacteria and viruses, but it certainly helps to reduce the risk of droplet infection. The sewn-on vegan leather Snappap label with the text “stay healthy” also gives a message to the wearer.

In a step-by-step guide we explain exactly how to sew this mask. Even sewing beginners can take part in this sewing project.

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Sewing mouth mask – free instruction

Today we have a free instruction for a sewn mouth mask. This can be very helpful for people with allergies and health problems. But it is also indispensable in times of corona crisis. It is not 100% protection against bacteria and viruses, but it certainly helps to reduce the risk of droplet infection. With our instructions you can also sew this washable mouth mask. On the inside above the nose, a metal strip or wire can be inserted into the sewn-on fabric pocket for better fixation.

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