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Ordering / Shipping / Payment

 Do I need an email address?
You must have a valid email address since the order processing and most of our services are completely accomplished via email.
 How do I order?
You can place your order directly on our homepage and select product, ribbon color, font color, text, order quantity and more by using our online configurator. If you order a completely custom designed product you can upload your template file with your own artwork or logo right after you have made your selection. To learn more about the ordering process, have a look at our detailed ordering guide.
 How much does my product cost?
Semi Custom Designed Products and In-Stock Products: You will see an instant price quotation once you have completed your selection by using our online configurator.
Full Custom Designed Products: We will send you a price quotation via email within 48 hours.
 Why is my shopping cart empty although I have just added a product?
Our webbrowser doesn`t accept cookies. We use session-cookies for temporarily saving data, such as shopping cart data. We have to use session cookies to be able to process your data. For your information: We don`t save any cookies permanently on your harddrive. The cookies will be automatically deleted, once you have completed your order. 

How can I solve that problem?
Open your webbrowser (e.g. Internet Explorer) to adjust your security settings.
Select from menu bar: Tools > Internet Options > Security
Use the slide control to adjust the privacy settings.
You should adjust the privacy settings medium or low. Then the session cookies will be accepted.
Click OK. Now you should be able to add products to your shopping cart.

 What are the shipping costs?
Please have a look at our List of Shipping Costs for detailed information. The shipping costs for completely custom designed products are individually calculated for each order.
 Which countries do you ship to?
Please have a look at our List of Shipping Costs for an overview of the countries we ship to.
 When will I receive my delivery?

Personalized Products
Labels, Gift Ribbon: approx. 10-15 business days after receipt of payment
Satin Care Labels: approx. 2-3 business days after receipt of payment

Fully Custom Designed Products
Woven Labels, Printed Labels, Gift Ribbon: approx. 10-15 business days after receipt of payment

In-Stock Products
Size Labels, Hotfix Products, Unprinted Gift Ribbon: approx. 2-3 business days after receipt of payment.

 Do you offer any discounts?

We offer following discounts:
2% discount if you order 2 products
3% discount if you order 3 products
4% discount if you order 4 products
5% discount if you order 5 products

 How do I pay?
You can pay via Bank Transfer (BACS) or Credit Card.

Product Information - General Questions

 What kind of material do you use for products?
All our products are made of 100% polyester. Woven Labels with sparkling text are made of 60% Polyester and 40% Nylon). Polyester provides some advantages over natural fabrics, such as shape retention and durability. Our Woven Labels have a soft surface and feel like cotton. Our Satin labels and Ribbons have a silky, glossy surface.
 What are the care instructions for products?

Woven Labels to sew in: washable up to 90°C
Woven Labels (with sparkling text) to sew in: washable up to 60°C

Woven Labels to iron on: washable up to 30°C
Woven Labels with sparkling text to iron on: washable up to 30°C

Satin Labels: washable up to 60°C
MultiColor Labels: washable up to 90°C

Satin Ribbon: NOT washable

 Do labels fray?
No, our labels do not fray. The edges are sealed by using a hot cutting machine. This method allows the edges to stay elastic and soft.
 How do I properly apply an iron on a woven label?

To properly apply an iron on a woven label, please follow the instructions below:

Apply Iron on woven labels to clean and dry garments only!
Set your iron to high heat (cotton setting). No steam! Please also follow your garment´s care instructions.
If there is foil on the transparent adhesive coating, peel it off before ironing.
Place your label on the garment in the desired position with the image/ text up and the adhesive coating down..
Cover the label with baking paper or a thin and dry dish towel and press the iron over the label for approximately 25-30 seconds, applying constant pressure and with minimal movement.
After ironing, allow the label and garment to cool down for approximately 5-10 minutes.

The adhesion of the label  to your garment depends among other things, on the substrate material.

 What is the Pure Color System?

During production with our Pure Color System an additional thread is woven into the label. This special procedure gives especially light label colors a higher opacity and a more intense, brighter color effect.

Our advice: We particularly recommend the Pure Color System for labels that combine light tape colors and dark font colors.

Labels without Pure Color treatment are made from two threads with different colors, one for the tape color and one for the font color. The rear view of the label shows a mirrored image of the front side (colors and writing). If you combine a light tape, such as white, with a darker font color, such as red, the white tape will appear reddish on the front side, because the intense red color from the back side shines through. Another example is the combination of white tape and black font color, which makes the white color appear grayish.

Labels with Pure Color treatment are woven with an additional thread, which runs across the back side (see pictures). Because of this additional thread, the light tape color keeps its high opacity and its bright, intense color effect - even if it is combined with a dark font color.

Product Information - Personalized Products

 What are the sizes of your personalized products?

Woven Labels: 60mm x 15mm
Printed Satin labels: 74mm x 15mm
Printed Satin Care Labels: 30mm x 70mm
MultiColor Labels (3 sizes): 60mm x 12mm/ 60mm x 15mm/ 60mm x 20mm
Satin Ribbon (3 widths): 10mm/ 15mm/ 20mm

 What colors do you offer for personalized labels?

To design your Personalized Label you can always combine 1 ribbon color with 1 text color.
Woven Labels: 19 ribbon colors, 4 text colors
Woven Labels (with sparkling text): 19 ribbon colors, 4 text colors
Woven Care Labels: 19 ribbon colors, 19 text colors
Printed Satin Labels: 1 ribbon color (white), 3 text colors
Printed Satin care Labels: 2 ribbon colors (black and white), ribbon color: black = text color: white, ribbon color: white = text color: black
MultiColor-Etiketten: 1 ribbon color (Weiß), 32 text color

 What is the minimum order quantity for personalized products?

Woven Labels to sew in, Printed Satin Labels and MultiColor Labels: 25 pieces
Woven Labels to iron on: 25 pieces
Printed Satin Gift Ribbon: 5 meters

Produktinformationen - Customized Products

 What sizes are available for Fully Custom Designed Labels?
Choose the label size that fits your needs and send us an online request with the details. We will send you a price quotation via email within 48 hours.
 What colors are available for Fully Custom Designed Products?
Simply choose your desired colors! We use the Pantone Color System (solid coated) which allows us to virtually weave or print any color. If you have uploaded a file with your own logo, you can either tell us the number of the particular Pantone color or we will use the colors from our Pantone palette that perfectly match the colors in your design.
 What ribbon colors are available for Full Custom Designed Gift Ribbon?
Choose your desired color from our ribbon color palette, we have more than 130 colours available to choose from.
 What is the minimum order quantity for Full Custom Designed Products?

Woven Labels, unfolded (standard) and Printed Satin Labels: 100 pieces
Woven Labels with folded edges: 300 pieces
Woven Labels, centerfolded: 300 pieces
Printed Satin Gift Ribbon: 100 meters

  What resolution should I use for the layout files that I upload?
Resolution refers to the number of dots per inch (dpi), or the sharpness and clarity of an image. Please upload your layout at 300 dpi resolution.
 What file formats do you accept?

We accept the following file formats:
.psd / .eps / .pdf / .jpg. / .gif / .pdf / .tif / .bmp

Customer Login

 I can`t log in
First you need a customer account to log in. If you are already registered but still can`t log in you probably have used a wrong email address or an invalid password.
 I can`t open my invoice
You need the Acrobat Reader to open your invoice. download Acrobat Reader
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Send an email to, containing both the non valid and the correct email address. Please also state the number of your current order. If you don`t remember your order number send us your address so we can locate you in our customer database and adjust your email-adress.
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