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High-quality, double-faced satin gift ribbon. Elastic and soft sealed edges without fraying.

Care Instructions:
Non-washable, for decorative purposes only.

Your Logo – Your Design:
Full Custom Design - for more individuality and creative scope.

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  Material: High-quality, shiny double satin with chamfered edge. No fraying of... more
Product information - Gift Ribbon with Logo / Inquiry



High-quality, shiny double satin with chamfered edge. No fraying of the fabric edges due to special hot-cutting process.


not washable

Gift ribbons with your own logo

Making someone happy is probably the nicest thing there is. Who is not happy about a gift from a loved one? So that this gift becomes something very special, we from coolclothinglabel have exactly the right thing for you. Pack your gifts nevertheless times with an individual Satinband. Not possible? Farewell! We embroider your personal logo on your gift ribbon. This gives your gift even more personality and is an absolute eye-catcher. Give your loved ones a very special treat and wrap your gift with a ribbon with logo.


The different types of printing

You can order your individual gift ribbon in a variety of ribbons. From filigree 0.6 cm to bombastic 6 cm we have everything in stock for you. So the packing of small and large gifts is no longer a problem and fun is guaranteed. Our gift ribbons with logo all consist of high-quality and shiny double satin with a bordered edge. Due to our special hot cutting process it is also impossible to fray the edge of the fabric. We also have a lot to offer in terms of length. From 200 m to 5000 m almost everything is represented with us and you can pack any quantity of gifts. You can choose from several different types of printing. On the one hand we offer offset printing. It captivates by its long durability, an even colour coverage and edge-sharp writing reproduction. With this method you can use up to five inks, but it is not suitable for light inks on a dark background. Another method is screen printing, also known as flat printing. This method impresses with its particularly long durability and high opacity. It is suitable for all printing inks and a uniform print is achieved. Up to three inks can be used for this type of printing. We also offer gold and silver foil printing. It captivates by its high opacity, a glamorous look and the colour is metallic shiny. The embossing will make a lasting impression. It impresses with its 3D structure as well as an elegant and classic look. Last but not least, we offer digital printing. This impresses with its photorealistic print and the unlimited number of printing colours.


Design individual gift ribbons

Many design options are at your disposal. For logo printing you can select 5 Pantone colours and send them to us. Please use the configurator for your enquiry so that we can receive all your details.
The printed gift ribbons are not washable. The only exception is digital printing. A gift ribbon with this print can be washed up to 40°C (120°F). You can choose your colour from a sea of bright colours. To make the gift ribbon with logo something special, the ribbon is individually designed according to your wishes and thus provides even more individuality and design freedom when designing your logos on your gift ribbon.
Tip: If you only want a text or symbol, we offer printed ribbons at a lower price.

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Mar 11, 2022

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